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Originally Posted by GabeGuitarded View Post
......EDIT: Sweet Jesus everybody jumped on this one like noob-hungry wolves didn't they?
ROFLMFAO!! It is apparently so. All of the responses are very accurate and true. But the big thing is that if you go to a game with only a sniper rifle and the wind is to gusty, or the field vegetation is to thick to safely snipe, you may end up having to pack up you rifle for the day. Safety for your fellow players is the big concern in the sport, especially when it comes to using a hot BA. So it's best for a new player to start with a typical AEG, and then if they want to pursue sniping, you can buy a BA and always have a back up AEG for those days when the conditions make sniping unsafe.
I have packed my APS2EX back into the truck at several events, and on a couple of those occasions, I've run with just my pistol and the rest of my sniper kit (silly me had made arrangements to loan out my SR for the day to another player). I usually end with many more kills than if I had run my BA, and I have had days where I ended up with more kills than any of the other guys running AEGs.

Just don't perceive any of this as us trying to convince you not to snipe, we're just saying not to jump in with both feet first.

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