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Originally Posted by L473ncy View Post
You can minimize it but not eliminate it.

There was a post somewhere about making an AEG quieter, one things you can do is use sorbo pads, shim your gears right and set your motor height right. It will still sound like a sewing machine but it will minimize the "toy-like" sound.

The only real way is to go with a GBBR but in that case it's a money pit.
Comm lathe'd and balanced motor
Proper motor height
Helical gears that are shimmed to perfection in bearings that fit properly
properly greased with a viscous grease
Sorbo piston head with a sorbo cylinder head
Light weight piston
Trigger Master unit with Active Breaking and Soft Start
High voltage battery that'll provide an instant trigger response
Cover the dead spots in the AEG with dense material (Epoxy, hot glue, expanding foam)
Custom Builds:
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