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Originally Posted by Grinch23 View Post
Shooting hot means you have a MED , medium engagement distance, can't shoot anyone closer then 200 feet if im not mistaken. Someone plz correct me if im wrong on any of these, To have a great sniper rifle you will need to invest alot of time and money
MED for 450fps is 45 fts
MED for 600fps is close to 95fts

MED are mesured to have 1 joule at impact. Using heavyer BBs play with the MED a bit, but not enough to change the standard.

1 joule feel like being hit point blank with a stock gun.
So you understand that it hurt like a bitch and can make you a nice welt. It's a general concensus that a 1 joule impact should not break the skin, thus deemed "safe" for the gaming purpose.

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