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Originally Posted by R.I.T.Z View Post
A G3 is a rare gun and is difficult to find, i suggest that you check the classifieds as for price range any guns that you may have seen on out of country websites you can expect a 2-3x jump especially on name brands such as TM, CA, G&P and the like.
M14's go TM or go home and your looking at a rough price range of 400$+
$400 for an M14? If anyone finds one for that price then either its gonna sell amazingly fast and the seller just needs whatever they can get for it, or its broken. Try $600+. The M14 I have is valued at about $1000 with a complete overhaul of internals by high-end companies (Systema, Prometheus) installed by a reputable gun doc and a bunch of mags.

To answers the OPs initial question: You can get almost any gun you want with enough time and money. As has been stated, start saving now. Reviews are always useful (when taken with a grain of salt of course) so don't stop that. Try to read and learn as much as you can now until you turn 18 so that once you start buying guns you will know what your getting yourself into. You can start buying gear (vests, accessories for the gun, batteries, chargers, boots, etc...) if you wish now as theres no restrictions on those. You can also try and contact some hosts for games in your area to see if you can attend events as a spectator. While your there you can ask anything you wish (as advice in person as always better than online) from experienced players, you can ask to hold and shoot peoples guns so you can see what the ballistics or airsoft are like and be able to see how gaming is done in your area and whats expected of players as they will be your community once you turn of age.

From the sounds of your post it sounds like you have a good head on your shoulders (you know how to spell and form a proper sentence) and aren't afraid of doing your own research. Whenever you have a question always remember that trying Google and the search bar for this site are always the first step to do. Whatever question you may have, chances are its already been asked and answered. Read all the stickies in each forum (Newbie Tank, FAQ and General sections are great starting points) and if you have trouble finding the answer on your own then go ahead and start a new thread. We just look down upon people who are lazy and choose to be spoonfed by the members here. I don't think that will be an issue with you though.

Welcome to ASC!
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Originally Posted by Pliskin View Post
This is the equivalent to knocking on deaths door and blowing his head off with a shotgun.
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