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For those who don't know. My names Josh. I go by "Love" or "Lyth".

My family comes from Zhukovsky, Moscow Oblast. (I was born here in Canada though.)
I'm currently 18, going on 19 soon and need to be AV'ed.

I currently am in the process of doing some custom AK mods. Stay tuned.

Also, I wanna give a shoutout to my main man: VANILLA ICE!
Currently modding AK.

Loadout 1:
Yugoslavian M76/Maadi RML Alternative (Kraken)
CYMA Glock 18C

Loadout 2:
TM MP5 w/ flashlight
CYMA Glock 18C

Both Loadouts have Marpat Uniform, PASGT Helmet w/ Flecktarn, and Flecktarn chest rig.
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