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I know some of the Blackbear guys (tattooedfreak, scooby etc...) wear there, or did at least. Maybe you can try PMing them to see what their setup was like and their experience with them.

Myself, along with some of the other TWATs wear/wore HFC Mesh Goggles and they withstood a large amount of gaming (wherever mesh was permitted) and I have yet to hear of anyone complaining of BBs shattering or penetrating the woven steel mesh. They were VERY comfortable and the best aspect is the fact that air easily passes through and theres zero fogging. I don't have my pair anymore as I seemed to have lost them but Ive been meaning to get another set. If I remember correctly the Ao2 masks have the stamped meshing from a sheet of steel/other kind of metal (instead of the woven steel wires as mentioned above) which is known to be more malleable when impacted with a BB. I'd suggest you wear something like safety glasses underneath the mesh in the event of a shattered BB, or something allot more low-profile than a set of PB goggles like Wiley-X (if you still want the full seal).

Best advice anyone can get when getting a new pair of eye protection is to take a gun shooting at the max of your local field limits, or maybe even higher, and take a shot. See how the protection stands up to close range shots with a hot gun, and then you will know how it will serve you in the field. A member here had done this test only to find his set of Wiley-X goggles were indeed fake and couldn't even take a shot from a gun shooting 350 with .20 at 10 (aprox) feet away. Had he been wearing them he would possibly be missing an eyeball.
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This is the equivalent to knocking on deaths door and blowing his head off with a shotgun.

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