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Bought a Yosegawa Beretta M12 on a whim in 92 in Oakville.
Forgot about it.
While looking for info on Aliens costumes, discovered Airsoft. Came down fm MTL in 96 to buy a G3A4 fm Wildcard. Ended up buying two handguns from him as well and a MP5 PDW at the same time. That was one hell of an expensive weekend. The two handguns I still play with. Had to reduce my airsoft time due to school. But less money spent on games means more money for guns and gear.
But now the wife says I have go down to VA and learn how other people play the game. I always do what my wife says After all, she owns the grenade launcher.

Btw , whoever mentioned Bryce Rollins please don't do it again. That useless cocksucker!!!!!

Cry "Haddock" and let slip the hounds of Beer
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