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I think people often give ASC as an "organization" far too much credit. It is literally a handful of people doing nothing but moderating, and an even smaller number of people making the odd decisions as their personal time permits. Any administrative skills or expertise possessed by the mods is a matter of the individual mod, not integrated into any sort of ASC team capability. ASC is not an organization capable of leading anything. Do not confuse ASC's ability to moderate electronic communications over its jurisdiction with organizational capacity.

Furthermore, if there are people motivated and competent enough to make a workable Canadian player organization, it'll happen with or without ASC operational support.

I'd love to see some sort of player organization happen. It's on my personal to do list, in fact, but my plate's currently more than a little full for the time being. If someone competent and trustworthy wants to lead, I'd gladly chip in my time and effort. Unfortunately, everyone competent and trustworthy in my eyes are busy with their own stuff.

Otherwise, I'm glad this the subject of this thread was resolved in an agreeable manner. This thread will be locked pending someone contacting the mods about having something new and relevant to add.
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