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Originally Posted by The Saint View Post
Whoa, easy there. Permission was given to discuss NL's antics, not table and debate new ASC policy (a rehash at that).

My personal feelings aside, thus far TPTB on ASC has been pretty decisively against ASC policing activities off ASC. Recall the substance use at game thread, for example. I don't think that sentiment's going to change anytime soon.

Without going into the issue of legitimacy (whether it's ASC's place to be involved in screening games, even if some hosts are for it), such an "association" requires a certain amount of additional work for both the hosts and ASC op team. If the hosts themselves have proven unable to establish the necessary structure among themselves, don't expect ASC op team to push for it.

this is going a little off topic here so I'm going to make it brief so I can get this out of my chest. If ASC are not willing to support the formation of some sort of regulatory body to control the host or activities of Airsoft then who will?? as a website this forum is the most visited, as a forum this also contained the largest collection of players in Canada, for a forum that preached a self imposed 18plus participation rule how can we expect the new players or host to respect that rule when we are not willing to enforced it ?? Yes i know teh 18+ is a self imposed ruling and have no effect outside the forum but don't forget the 18+rule has been followed by every other canadian airsoft forum. See where I'm getting at?? since there are no regulatory body that controll the activities of Airsoft I don't see why Airsoft Canada are not willing to step up to the plate, I am willing to bet that if given the chance there are a few people in this board and others that can make this happen. If it's money issue I'm sure there are more than a few willing members here that will chip in a few bucks, this association talk was once started by Tgoode and a few others at the time it was a bit on the wild side but I think the time is right for one, just look at UK with teh UKARA.

Brian M said it the best when he said this earlier "so many things that could be done.. never are because people would rather talk than do"
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