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Originally Posted by pusangani View Post
If the majority of the ASC hosts agree to abide by th decisions of the hosts, perhaps they can make it so that only hosts that belong to the association can posts games on ASC? If you want to post your own games and do your own thing, then you can do it somewhere else.
Whoa, easy there. Permission was given to discuss NL's antics, not table and debate new ASC policy (a rehash at that).

My personal feelings aside, thus far TPTB on ASC has been pretty decisively against ASC policing activities off ASC. Recall the substance use at game thread, for example. I don't think that sentiment's going to change anytime soon.

Without going into the issue of legitimacy (whether it's ASC's place to be involved in screening games, even if some hosts are for it), such an "association" requires a certain amount of additional work for both the hosts and ASC op team. If the hosts themselves have proven unable to establish the necessary structure among themselves, don't expect ASC op team to push for it.
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