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Unless all the hosts can agree then any ban will be pointless, a nice cliche would be "a chain is only as strong as it's weakest link"

troublesome players don't have to worry about the consequences of their actions because of 2 factors:

1. Renegade hosts that will not stick to the bans, and use the logic of "well it didn't happen around me, so I don't care"

2. Anonymity on the Internet, people don't know who is who, people post their +1's with no name and callsigns associated with them, they fuck up at the game and no one is held responsible, unless someone mentions something in the AAR

so what do we do about it?

This is why we discourage noobs from hosting games, as they are more likely to be lenient and allow shit to slide like permit players to use hot guns, bannEd players to play, etc etc.
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