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Very good discourse

The reason for TNL temporary time out was events witnessed by me and reported in general.. I facilitated the discussion about the temporary ban.

an accord of opinion was reached and the ban agreed to and supported by a majority of the experienced hosts. The plan was an over winter ban.. so that he would not be overly inconvenienced as most play is during fair weather.. it was intended principally as symbolic of the new found organization of game hosts working in accord for the overall benefit of the community at large.

The fact that TNL found hosts willing to disregard this ban was NOT HIS FAULT. It does show a disrespect for the will of the community at large. However the fact that there were game host who disregarded the restriction evidences the discord in this community at large.

The Hosts who allowed him to play are responsible for this conversation.. 1. Koolaidman. 2 team ECO, who specifically and knowingly disregarded the opinions of 24 other experienced hosts. ( and yet seek to be numbered within that community .. and even appealed to that community on other issues )

Alex ( TNL ) is capable of behaving in a safe and respectful manner, Evidenced by his successful completion of the CAPS certification course.

This Fact coupled with the fact that some of his questionable antics happened after the course indicates that he lacked the judgement of the inherent risks of AS guns to be considered a safe player. As a result the temporary ban was instituted ( which he disregarded with the assistance of non complying game hosts)

It was decided that a time out would allow him the opportunity to reflect on these issues and return to the community in the spring having sorted through these things and be better for it. This is the basis of any punishment that is not permanent. Rehabilitation was the desired effect.

It is clear by his actions facilitated by some "renegade hosts" that he has not taken the opportunity to heart.

So the only question is what now?

I am not supportive of any permanent ban as his offences do not warrant such. I am inclined to stick to the original term of the ban.. being April 1 2010.

The question is, really is there any point of trying to reach such accords or of organizing at the host / owners level if such action is only to be without effect or recognition within the community?

In short TNL is not the problem here.. the people who disregarded the ban and allowed him to participate while under censure are the problem.

What is to be done about these Offenses? something? nothing? can anything be done?

On a personal note... I find it astounding that people would imbue me with such influence that I could be endowed with " mindless Drones" to do my bidding. I assure you that this is not the case ... If people do come into accord with things that I have said it is due only to the logic and rationality of such things.
I have influence because I tend to follow through and do as I say I will. People indicated that they would support the creation of an association of game hosts and owners .. so I created the conditions that such a body could exist.
That body does not do my Bidding .. Trust me if it did we would not be having this conversation.
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