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best or favourite knife kill...

Hey all,

I'd like to hear about your best or favourite knife kill story.

Down in southern Sask, we have minimum engagement rules as all our games are played outdoors;
A surrender rule, when you feel you're too close to safely fire at someone in close range.
A knife kill rule, where if you can successfully touch someone during a game...

My favourite knife kill was done during a game in a wooded and over-grown area we call Vietnam :P. We were playing plague where we all start out as singles and when you’re shot, yell hit, and you can be tagged back in by anyone, then you join with the one who tagged you. We started in the staging area, spread out from there... and at safe distance, we sound ready.

I was making my way through a high grass and high cat tailed area, very, very thick area; and so it ended up where I was pinned down in the middle of 2 groups, 2 guys to the south and 4 guys to the north and I was by myself.
I slowly moved toward the group to the north thinking that I would have a better chance to try to take out someone from the larger group than the 2 guys from the south. I made my way to the direct center of both groups where I minimized my movement and waited for an opening to pop up and make my shot. The group of 4 came in and I was getting ready to fire, then they group decided to change course and started heading east, instead of the north to south path they were in.
I decided to re-engage so I moved from my position slowly to the east to cut them off and get my shot. I started to move while listening to the group to the south and tracking the group to my north.
All the sudden I heard the south group and they were within 2 meters of my position... “Shit!” I remained where I was until I was sure I knew where the south group was. The north group must have heard the south group also, because they changed their march to the east back to the south.
There I was in the middle of the 2 groups and the north group opened up on the south group.
The fire fight was fast and furious, and then a guy from the north group was hit. “Awesome!” I thought. I poked up and fired a couple shots at the north group, missing my target.
The north group started to come in to my position and I moved a little closer to the south group who was still firing at the north group.
I decided that it would be best for me to stay put and wait to see what the outcome of the firefight would be. I didn’t have to wait long...
I was on my knee when I heard one guy from the south group making his move. He bolted! I fell to my back and he came sailing into the area I was in. He jumped to clear the grass and I reached up and grabbed him from mid air, pulled him to the ground and said “Knife kill.” He yelped! And the look on his face was pure terror; he wasn’t expecting me to be there and definitely wasn’t expecting to be pulled from the air. I rolled him over to his back and I tried to burry my face in my arm because I could not stop laughing.
Well he wouldn’t shut up about the kill after that and needless to say with his blabbing and my laughing they gauged our area and killed us...
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