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I told myself I wouldn't get involved in this debacle because, well, since I don't game (just collect, for now), and I have nothing to add concerning someone's behaviour I've never met, and I'd hate to mistakenly feed a fire. However, I will urge people to stop bringing up TNL's mental illness/disorder for a number of reasons. First and foremost, it's none of our business, and it doesn't affect us here on the internet. So what if he posts immaturely (not my view, again, staying out of that part of this), just read through the Trash Disposal for 5 minutes and I guarantee you'll find much worse than what any AV'd member has said. All we can do is ask him to read his posts and think about them before posting them. Secondly, this should have only been brought up by TNL if and when he wanted to. This is a very sensitive and private issue, and we've just forced it out into the open, and not on his terms either. It takes a lot of courage to expose oneself like that, and he may not have wanted that. Also, we've pretty much forced TNL to either tell us what it is, or be even more outcast/judged than he is now. Either way now, he's gonna be labelled (and I'm not talking "jerk" or anything stupid like that). That's all I have to say about that. And let me again say that I have not met or seen TNL before, so I have nothing to say about what people allege he has said or done before.
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