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my dad had a nuch of springers when i was little (5ish) and i kept them after the divorce ... then i saw some guys at wasaga when i was 16 and forgot about it until i was 18... was doing research on g36's and found airsoft again... then went to italy lost all my money there and came back and was signed up within the month on asc and made my first post the day i read the faq (4 hours after i signed up) im rather impressed i never had a run in with greylocks lol.

since then i repeatedly go broke whenever i have money and am lacking an airsoft gun lmao.
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...stalker's gonna kill you....and you wont even see it coming! Hell, he'll kill you and god himself will be going, "Where the hell did that come from!?" CDN_Stalker should just be the new god!
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