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Just to clarify my position so there is no misunderstanding about it.

Either you are a Numpty and need some time to gain Normal Safe and Responsible Handling Skills, along with a little maturity.


A brief time out for some help and assistance from the appropriate resources. If you are in genuine need of help, there is no harm in asking for it.

I have no issue that you have been diagnosed with any Mental Health Disease/Disorder. I would have no issue taking the field with you, provided you are safe, responsible and not negatively impacting our sport. My only concern is the safety of yourself and other players at any event, regardless if I am the Host or not.

Ask any player I have played with, I always bring a rather larger and obvious first aid kit on the field, just in case, and make sure all know where it will be during the game.

If this is truly about safety, and allowing yourself to gain some prospective, then take the opportunity.

I would and will the first to offer you an opportunity to prove you are not the person that has been the topic of discussion in this thread. I would openly allow you to attend several games that I host, on three conditions.

1) You complete and without hestiation respect all conditions of any Ban or Temporary Participation Exclusion.

2) You agree to attend at least two events I am hosting in a Non Playing Capacity - such as an NPC that would not be allowed to carry or use any airsoft device. Also not as a game Admin Staff or any role of responsiblity.

3) You attend AT NO COST TO YOU, other than travel, Normal Safe and Responsible Handling Training.

And provided your Numpty Factor does down, and your Maturity Factor goes up, so be it. Your lesson should have been learned. After that it is up to you.

I had a member of ASC try out for 1 Canadian Selous Scouts - he proved to be a Numpty. I consulted my team and Hosts or Attendees off other events. They all indicated that he was a Numpty. I then offered him basically the same deal. He did turn it down, too bad, as he could have used the help. I approached him via PM's about his behaviour, and that I was willing to mentor him. He said in very clear terms of ignoring me - NO. To the point I will not allow him to attend any events I host.

Alex - please do not consider this thread as anything but a hand up, some support for you. Either you truly care about this community, this sport and its members or not. If you do care hopefully you are willing to do some self evaluation and allow us to help you.

If you do not care, you will disregard this thread and some of its concerns. I will not state that all comments made about your behaviour are correct. But I will say that it appears enough of us have concerns. What is more important is how you handle the addressing of these concerns.

I would rather you gain from this effort than not.

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