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I have worked in Mental Health, and have a vast amount of experience with young persons that have various forms of serious personal issues in conjunction with Mental Health Disorders. In my experience a person that is blaming their personal behaviour/conduct on their illness is:

1) Too immature and unable to take any actions that require a sense of accounting for their actions. They are using the fact of an official label of the disorder/disease simply as a scapegoat. They constantly get themselves into a difficult situation, simply to say - Its not my fault, I have a mental illness (insert DSM reference here).


2) They are unable to determine or display any understanding of the nature and quality of their actions as they are under the influence of their mental health issues. Their disease/disorder has so taken control of their lives, thinking, behaviour of this individual, that they need to be in care, or at least under Clinical Supervision. If this is the case it would probably be best if you or any player would take a voluntary time out from the game.

So which is it, either you choose to be a Numpty, or you need to take a time out to have you personal situation dealt with by mental health professionals.

I have no personal issue that you or any other player may have to deal with the evils of a mental health issue. I have seen how it can so negatively impact someone's life. I know some that have a mental health history are unwilling to disclose it, as they do not want to be labelled. But consider at least one in fifteen Canadians have been impacted by having some mental health issues and one in six know someone who have a serisous mental health issue. So mental health concerns are far more common that most people believe or understand.

If you are practising Normal Safe and Responsible Handling at all times. As well as not negatively impacting the Sport that we all love. I would have no issue taking the field with any player, regardless of their mental health status.

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