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Originally Posted by cbcsteve View Post

4. Blaming problems on mental illness

This is a touchy subject. If you have a problem with what I have written please PM me.

Telling people you have a mental illness is the right thing to do, it helps people understand where you are coming from.

Continuously causing problems and blaming all of them on your mental illness is not nice, it makes it appear that you are trying to use that as a scapegoat.

I have worked with kids with disabilities as a day camp counselor at Camp Chimo and I have helped raise money for Reach for the Rainbow charity fund and I have helped my friend as a volunteer for teaching kids with disabilities to play tennis at Armadale Community Centre.

Never EVER, have I heard any of them ever use their condition as a scapegoat to make others look away when they did something bad. They are great kids always willing to live their life to the fullest and try their best to be happy. And they try their best to correct their mistakes, they may lash out from time to time, but they are kids and it takes time to grow.


You are not one of those kids anymore, you've grown up and from what I see you are trying to make a conscious effort to fix your mistakes but now the best thing to do is keep a low profile and think things through.
This is something I was debating bringing to anyones attention. Since cbcsteve has done so I might as well ad my bit. Im not going to disclose any personal information that hasn't already been said, I'll leave that to TNL. It has come to a few peoples attention (me being one of them) that TNL has a medical condition. One that I feel any and everyone playing alongside TNL should be aware of as it affects everyone around him. This is even more of a sensitive issue given the nature of our sport (shooting projectiles at each other that can potentially be fatal/permanently life altering) and because of his condition which affects his judgement making capabilities it should be apparent to everyone, and everyone should have a say in whether they feel they are comfortable playing alongside someone with such a condition. Then it will be left in the hands of the host to decide if TNL should be permitted to play barring the consensus of those already playing or wanting to play.

This should not be seen as an attack on someone because of a medical condition but like I have explained the nature of this sport, such information should not be kept in the dark. It should never be used as an excuse for ones actions, because if a condition is the root of the problem then its time for TNL to seriously consider if this sport truly is for him. Not just for his safety but for everyones.

I will leave this subject alone now, as I feel I have said enough and will allow TNL to fill in the blanks and address this issue with full and honest disclosure.
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This is the equivalent to knocking on deaths door and blowing his head off with a shotgun.
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