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Before people get angry, no i never met TNL and nope, i never played with him... But about 2 months ago, some kid showed up here, on asc.. Wanting to incorporate rubber knives into the game (yeah, we all remember eh??)... Well anyways, he was given a chance to play, was even not bad actually.... But then, went home and continued insisting on his physical milsim... We tried to tell him it was not a good idea, at first nicely... he basically told us to fuck off.... Then , we kinda got irritated... He was banned for a day here... Came back, worse than ever.... I even received a threat pm from him... Wich, in no way, i was the meanest... But yet, some hosts still wanted to give him a chance... But he kept going, and well, long story short, he is banned now.... i am a very nice person, but i had personnally requested to one host, that if he is accepted, i will not present myself to that game... I did not feel safe being around that dude, with an aeg... especially with the way he was talking, i litterally feared for my safety. The host prefered having a fair player, than someone who is disliked by everyone....
Now i am telling you all of this, to simply say, keep a low profile... our brains are made to remember mostly the good memories, not the bad ones... So, by keeping it low, people will forget, might even go, huh? who is this nooblord?? And those that wont, will see that, yes, you made stupid mistake... Yes, you are still young, and we always think we know everything, and yes, you have learned to keep quiet, and changed your ways... And that's not something to be ignored... Cause from what i read, you are very close to go play with that kid, with rubber knives in a public park!!!
remember: Out of sight, out of mind!!!
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I dont have a team, i have an open relationship with many... Jealous? Yep! I tought so..

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Now if you excuse me, I have to go put on my spacesuit to attend my "And much more" training session.
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