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Quick Intro to Why I am Writing
I am one of the people who has played and hosted a game with Nooblord at my games so I am speaking from my personal experiences.

My Advice to Nooblord
Nooblord, I've given him advice and suggestions before he got his ridiculous tag and before he got his ban. I always said the same words "Keep a low profile"

And right now you really need to take that advice, try not to respond in this thread anymore as you might write something you regret once more. Just simply take this at face value and let the fire burn away and learn from this.

Nooblord's Fix

1. Contentiously writing underhanded comments and saying sorry afterward expecting all will be forgotten.

I still did not like how I was called a "Brian M's Mindless Drones" that was very underhanded of you. As one of the host part of the Ontario Game Host and Owners first off Brian M's is not the overlord mastermind. The group was created through a collective of people working towards one of our common goals: "Bringing back the quality players to a game and weeding out the bad"

I understand you apologize afterwards yet you seem to write again as if the first apology was meant for nothing. Also if you ask for proof of this some of those comments were deleted so I cannot find them.

Solution: Use the delete button
Always remember to read over your writing before posting

2. Talking out of turn at game briefings

This has happened at least once every time I hosted a game when you had come before your ban. Always at ONE POINT when I am explaining the rules you would interrupt me.

"Thats Gay", "Ew no full auto, that sucks", "Mercy is for pussies"

That not only disrupts my train of thought but also annoys me a lot when I am trying to explain the rules to my fellow mates listening intently you interject with a useless comment.

Solution: Talk to me personally when the game briefing is over, I don't mind people telling me their opinions but interrupting me during a game briefing does not help anyone

3. Other players complain about your conduct

I know some players have talked to me about your conduct and I have observed it myself. But telling people to "deal with it" for your annoyances is not going to make you more friends.

I SPECIFICALLY left goddamn paintball to get away from such annoyances so I don't have "deal with it" anymore.

Solution: You have a calm side to you, please let that side of you grow.

4. Blaming problems on mental illness

This is a touchy subject. If you have a problem with what I have written please PM me.

Telling people you have a mental illness is the right thing to do, it helps people understand where you are coming from.

Continuously causing problems and blaming all of them on your mental illness is not nice, it makes it appear that you are trying to use that as a scapegoat.

I have worked with kids with disabilities as a day camp counselor at Camp Chimo and I have helped raise money for Reach for the Rainbow charity fund and I have helped my friend as a volunteer for teaching kids with disabilities to play tennis at Armadale Community Centre.

Never EVER, have I heard any of them ever use their condition as a scapegoat to make others look away when they did something bad. They are great kids always willing to live their life to the fullest and try their best to be happy. And they try their best to correct their mistakes, they may lash out from time to time, but they are kids and it takes time to grow.


You are not one of those kids anymore, you've grown up and from what I see you are trying to make a conscious effort to fix your mistakes but now the best thing to do is keep a low profile and think things through.
- Pistolero Steve -

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