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This kind of situation is exactly the reason why so many vets have hung up the gear and guns altogether, or sworn off public games.

TNL, if any of the allegations are correct, and I have little reason to doubt them, then you're exactly the kind of player that should get a hefty boot in the ass out the front door of the sport. That being said, everyone deserves a chance to change, so you should have that chance.

Many, MANY years ago, we had an actual community of players, instead of a bunch of whining self-important twits with a gen-y sense of entitlement and lack of personal responsibility. Before the fucking Internet came along and introduced rediculous amounts of asshattery, games were organized over the phone. If you didn't get a call, you didn't go. If you didn't know anyone, someone had to bring you in, and you better fucking believe you were held accountable for your actions.

You would not believe the lengths we went to to acquire the guns in the first place, and the further lengths we went to to play games. It was NORMAL to drive 5 hours to play with 20 people because you had to drive that far to find 20 people to play with.

Where do you think all the vets have gone? We're still playing, but not anywhere you've heard about. Because we can't trust HALF the fucking fucks on here, so we go to private games at private fields, where we know people aren't going to be stupid and those that are get fucked in the face with a combat boot.

Now, any idiot can buy a gun. Any idiot can come on here and learn where the games are, then show up, be a nobody, a face in the crowd, with no accountability for their actions, fuck shit up for everyone, then dissapear.

Its pretty sad that so many skilled, trustworthy and valued players don't play at the public games anymore.
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