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Alex, I once knew someone a LOT like you a guy who did goofy, stupid, and irresponsible stuff without thinking of the possible ramifications and consequences of his actions- it was all just to get a laugh or make a joke.

But 10 years of marriage and 4 kids have taught that clown a bit about responsibility and maturity. And how you can still have a good sense of humor and make people laugh without doing stupid stuff.

Like some have said on this thread, if I may reiterate also: It appears that you are attempting to make amends, so I will give some advice from someone who has had to do a lot of apologizing in his lifetime:

1. Be humble. NOBODY likes a bad attitude. I think you're trying to get started here.

2. Be serious about it. Regardless of how you may feel about it, others WERE offended is some way, shape, or form. DO NOT JOKE about it or any surrounding issues. Taking responsibility for your actions and being sincere shows that you want to make it right.

3. Be a man- take the bans/restrictions that the game hosts/ teams put on you. Don't fuss or complain, just continue to profusely apologize. (Don't be too self-deprecating, and DON"T JOKE)

4. Commit yourself to restoring the trust of others. However long it takes. A reputation takes years to build, and seconds to destroy. Change your attitude at games AND on the forums. It will take a few years, but if you do have a GENUINE change of attitude, then over time people will forgive you and and begin to respect you.

5. Help others. When your ban is lifted and you go to a game, by all means, have fun. But don't just go for yourself- try to help other players with advice and tactics, or just to compliment them on their kit. It's amazing how great you feel when you try to make someone else feel good. Plus others won't look at you as a self-centred immature goof, but instead see you as a friend.

6. Don't repeat it. It will take exponentially longer for people to trust you again if you burn them more than once. It shows that you really don't give a shit.

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