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My suggestion is that you start another game ban. I'd suggest a 1 year ban since you already disobeyed the original 6 month ban. If people feel thats overzealous then another 6 month ban. Once that ban is lifted you would be allowed to attend games (barring of course the hosts discretion if they should choose to allow you or not) and if there is even a single report of unsafe activity/general jackassery then a permaban should be imposed along with making it WELL known to all hosts.

Anyone have input on this?
I believe a full year is a bit severe, another 6-7 month ban from attending games I think should be enough thats already most of the season gone. afterwards I think a sort of "probationary period" for a month should be good for where he must shadow the refs and such in order to gain a deeper sense as to the rules and what implications certain actions have. after which he will be allowed to play at the hosts discretion.
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