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gonna have to disagree with the hosts discretion thing to host an absolutely private game where no one else on the open boards knows you're letting a questionable player participate but it's another thing all together to post openly within an open forum where the game hosts (at least those recognized by each other) have some agreement to try to police good conduct so we all have less headaches.

if you're hosting a game openly in this venue than please follow the lead of those respected hosts that are communicating with each other. comms arent great so the fact that they've agreed to something is rather impressive. take it seriously....or at least be plainly clear about your disinvolvement with the rest of the hosts....a simple "i dont give a shit what you guys think i'm letting ANYONE play!!!"...would be nice to save on drama like this. though i suspect you folks wont be getting the creme de la creme of players out to your games.

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