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Originally Posted by Renegade) View Post
Well your appologies and moment of clarity now is seemingly makes very little impact on the situation as a whole. Instead of comming out like this when we called attenion to what kind of player you have proven to be at more than one event, you decided to be a prick and lash out on the forums when we call you out on it, and attend games with the attitude that "this host will let me play, so haha fuck you guys I win"

Reputation is everything, actions speak louder than words, especially words on the internet, the fact that you have shown over this winter that you dont give a fuck then, what makes us beleive that you give it now? None, my stand is simple, do not attempt to sign up or attend any of my hosted games. You may not give a shit about this, I dont care if you do or not.

That is my stand as a HOST on you as a PLAYER. That is as far as I plan to go with this, dont wear your keyboard out unless you plan to talk in a mature respected manner.
If that is your decision, I will, of course respect it, I have no right to say who you can or cannot let play hosting your games, and the hosts are in the right here, so If they feel that I should not play at their venues, It's not all that unreasonable

Originally Posted by Assault Pioneer View Post
you have been given a ban, the fact that you are still allowed on these forums (yes' your actions do effect the entire airsoft community, everyone's does) to explain your self is an extremely mercyful act by the staff IMO. time to start counting your blessings man, from my perspective all your doing here is digging yourself a deeper grave
I have considered that, and though I know I AM probably burying myself deeper, I still have to get this crap out of my head, or it will fester like some sort of parasite or 4chan thread till i go nuts

Words to live by
Originally Posted by Kid View Post
The apartment I am in right now costs $100 a month.
My average spending on food per day is less than $4.
My airsoft spending in the last month and a half has totaled over $1400.
They're called priorities. Get yourself some.

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