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Nooblord I hope you understand what this hobby meant for some of us old farts here.

Airsoft is not a right, It's a privilege and as such we are very protective on what little freedom and tolerance we have from the government. douchebags and asshats never last long in this hobby, it brings a lot of unwanted attention to us. We have no problem with noobs, we often encourage new MATURE players to join, players that understand what is the concequences of an improper behaviour in our hobby can bring, players that will take criticsm and instructions with a gratefull attitude instead of one that simply disregard it as the same ol song.
However WE DO have problems with noobs players that completely disregard the safety rules that was set, we have a problem with noob players that completely disregard the safety of others on and off the field and we obviously have a problem with noob players that flatly refused to listen when good advice is given. If you think that this statement don't apply to you and you thinking that all the senior player here hates your guts because of your goofyness then may i suggest you stick to a safer game like video game or nerf gun battle because it's obvious you still don't get it, every game/hobby have rules they are there for the safety and enjoyment of their own participant, when one individual refused to adhere to the rules that individual are usually shunned upon and eventually leave. I really hope that you get the message of what we are trying to say to you because anyone that knows me, know that i'm not usually this nice and tolerant dealing with matters like this.

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