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Oh man, no time toread everything it's "valentines weekend" apparently and I have to perform lol


Alex, when the whole thing happened and you were facing the ban, you should have said all of this before the ban took effect, not let the decision be made and then go against it because you felt you were undeserving of it.

Game hosts that have let TNL play,

by allowing him to play you may be using the logic of, "he's been safe around me so what's the big deal?"

while that may be correct to a certain extent, the fact remains that we are trying to provide some kind of structure and accountability with the games hosted by ASC members, just to keep everyone safe. If you don't care, that is fine and realistically no one can make you.

Remember that your integrity and reputation is something that takes a while to build and that you willbe judged by your decisions and by the games you host

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