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Ok let me give you something to Ponder about Nooblord. This community that we are involved in is pretty tight, we are not just like paintball where 100's show up randomly, and play with whoever shows up on that day.. We are organized on a public forum, we know who is attending a game based on sign up. Therefore, someone such as myself who has never met you, all that I know about the type of person you are is how you act on these forums and what I hear from other people that I know very well and trust their words. Based on these, I would not even consider allowing you to play at a game I am hosting nor would I be very inclined to attend one you were at. You are immature, deny it? Well 80% of your posts on here confirms it. You are unsafe with airsoft guns, deny that? Well actions again speak louder than words.. You are disrespectfull, deny that please because you know I have a ton of examples, and the first one just pisses me off... Brian acted as an offical rep of the game hosts who agree we should stick together and help keep things more organized and safe for all those participating, we ALL agreed you were a hazard at this time, therefore agreed on a temporary ban. This you were informed of, and you basically pissed on it and us by going to games anyways. Dont worry I am not just pissed off at you for this, the host(s) that allowed you are also on my shitlist, but the point still stands, you have showed direct disrespect to me, brian and all others who support it.

So you can say you want to discuss this directly with Brian, but I am informing you Brian is not acting alone in this matter, I am here as well, as is Tyson, RnR, Wildcard, ect ect.
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