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Firstly, this was not "Brian's idea"...nor was it tabled/approached lightly.

Ultimately, the decision on who plays at their games and who doesn't rests with each host.

One can only hope that all hosts are working towards a safe and fun game (shoot'em up or milsim or somewhere inbetween regardless). Not necessarily fun and safe for you...but in someways more importantly fun and safe for all those around you. In addition to those objectives, one hopes that all hosts work towards representing airsoft in a positive light to the field owners and the public.

Most guys would jump down a persons throat if they acted like an asshat in their backyard...yet acting like an asshat at a game gets at pass too often at some venues.

Nobody has to prove a thing. Being an asshat and potential problem to the operation and enjoyment of a game/event is enough for me to blacklist someone. My time and the time/money of everyone else who signs up is too important to tolerate that kind of behaviour or shitheaded-ness.

It's up to the host. Some will let you play (I've spoken to some of them...they're watching closely and hoping to "reform by example"...get kicked out of those and you're done permanently), others will uphold a temporary ban, others will/have banned you permanently already.

Nobody came gunning for you because you're goofy and annoying....there's tons of guys more annoying than you. It was a tolerance exceeded the tolerance of enough people re. safety and basically public asshat-ness, they then decided to ban you from the games/events that they run. A permanent ban was deferred in lieu of a temporary ban.

Pretty straightforward.

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