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Originally Posted by Thenooblord View Post
those were a long time ago, I had 2 ADs, one of which was finger in the trigger guard, yes my fault, cant remember the other one, but I know there was one more, and I have to say, that I did learn, maybe I did not apply it as fast as you would have liked, but in my games since then, like how long? 9 months? I have not had a single AD...

people bitching about somebody being annoying is no basis for a ban, I can be irritating, deal with it
So what are we waiting for??? your accidental discharged turn a hospital trip for someone ?? You still have no clue why you were ban do you?? Normally i would just laugh off these kinda of thread but this is no longer a laughing matter, I've invested way too much time, money and effort in my part to watch a sport that started with just a few dozen of us to become what it is now to be ruined, your attitude of "I don't give a shit" does not cut it and you Nooblord are lucky that your fate in this board does not rest in my hands or the hands of my teammates you would have been permanently banned. This sport does not need a loose cannon cowboy like you, your action and attitude in the past has put you in your present situation and yet you have not learned from your mistake and to make matter worse, you still flaunting your ability to attend games because one of the host choose not to follow the rest of the Ontario Hosts...........calling the rest of the hosts as Brian M evil minions that blindly foloow him, Hmmmm really mature there.
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