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Originally Posted by ShelledPants View Post
I was at the few TTAC3 games you attended before your ban, and I will happily state that you were a danger to yourself and those around you with an Airsoft gun. You had accidental discharge after accidental discharge and completely unsafe eye protection*.

Personal likes and dislikes aside, in the few games I attended with you** (backed with the constant bitching about you from other members on the board) I do not feel you have learned anything about gun safety, or caution for other's safety while handling airsoft guns.

*(Paintball goggles with 5mm holes drilled in them... Brian even tested a BB up against the holes with his hand to see if it would squeeze through, and it was -close-. The end verdict was it was his eyes, his responsibility.)

**(The "games" you attended at TTAC3 are always training nights, and Brian M actively gave you suggestions to become safe and how to do it, along with how to better your game. None of which was used, or improved upon.)
those were a long time ago, I had 2 ADs, one of which was finger in the trigger guard, yes my fault, cant remember the other one, but I know there was one more, and I have to say, that I did learn, maybe I did not apply it as fast as you would have liked, but in my games since then, like how long? 9 months? I have not had a single AD...that was when I was first getting into airsoft, some of my first ever games, and I did not take much of what people told me seriously, but I did eventually implement it, too late it would seem, but I would like to hear Brian M's opinion on this matter, and personally i would like to know what the information HE was given is, if it was actually what happened, slightly distorted, or one of the strange and wonderous stories that was fabricated like the one R&R posted, not saying that was R&R's story, he may have heard that from somebody else too

people bitching about somebody being annoying is no basis for a ban, I can be irritating, deal with it

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Originally Posted by Kid View Post
The apartment I am in right now costs $100 a month.
My average spending on food per day is less than $4.
My airsoft spending in the last month and a half has totaled over $1400.
They're called priorities. Get yourself some.

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