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Originally Posted by Thenooblord View Post
now, PROVE that I am a danger, that is what this thread is for.
not with "he said you did this" I want somebody who was actually there to show me that something I did was a hazard to everybody around me
I was at the few TTAC3 games you attended before your ban, and I will happily state that you were a danger to yourself and those around you with an Airsoft gun. You had accidental discharge after accidental discharge and completely unsafe eye protection*.

Personal likes and dislikes aside, in the few games I attended with you** (backed with the constant bitching about you from other members on the board) I do not feel you have learned anything about gun safety, or caution for other's safety while handling airsoft guns.

*(Paintball goggles with 5mm holes drilled in them... Brian even tested a BB up against the holes with his hand to see if it would squeeze through, and it was -close-. The end verdict was it was his eyes, his responsibility.)

**(The "games" you attended at TTAC3 are always training nights, and Brian M actively gave you suggestions to become safe and how to do it, along with how to better your game. None of which was used, or improved upon.)

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