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like alot of others I had an affiliation with Real steel including competition shooting when I was younger. I had since sold everything off moved several times, and "moved on" with life getting into a career (an injury while in cadets had basically killed a military career). jump to a couple of years ago a co worker were talking about old pasttimes and shooting. well he shows up the next day with a couple springers an an EBB pistol. and the shop turns into a shooting gallery... BB's everywhere (the boss is away on vacation ofcourse!).

anyways... the boss comes back ... and ofcourse it's impossible to clean up all the bb's ... he finally asked where the hell all the little bb's he keeps finding are from. so we tell him and show him the lil springers. The next day he shows up with his full auto, elec hopper Co2 fed paintball gun... the war starts between the boss and the crew in the shop (it was horribly one sided, even with our numbers, his gun was HOT and his PB's were crap...)

I go to crappy tire and look at the options, end up sneaking an AEG M4 into the shop and suprising the boss with it the next day. well his PB gun failed, and suddenly a cease fire to the war had been called. Boredom set in, me and another co worker started looking for somewhere to go play army man. stumbled onto ASC and BC airsoft .. found SIR and found out there was a milsim coming up. in 2008 I was hooked , and now I'm SIR's problem! hah!
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