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Originally Posted by Rock 'N' Roll Outlaw View Post
It is my understanding that TNL decided it would be a good idea to hop on his bike with a shemagh on his face and an AK in his hand, and went around the public parking lot/driving area of the property where Defcon is yelling "ALLAHU AKHBAR!" repeatedly, and there were also reports of him taking aim and shooting at vehicles near him. If any of this is untrue then I will correct my statement.

He never left the safe zone, he did however leave the safezone with the bike but that was to go to the washroom. The only thing Nooblord did wrong was to leave mag in which he was told by able1 to to take the mag out. I don't know know where the ideal of him riding around the parking lot with an ak came from. If Nooblord had an airsoft gun in public view in the safe zone and people are going on a witch hunt than everyone that has gone to defcon outdoor should receive a similar ban. I was there with him we where renting our aegs, gbb out.
Nooblord never left the safe zone with the AK I don't know how the rumor happened I am guessing it's like the broken telephone effect. He never shoot at any vehicles in the parking lot the AK in question had a dead battery I can call up kool-aid man who rented my AK that night to testify the AK had a dead battery and I had to give him my AKS-47

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