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Okie dokei, guess I have to step in already
"It is my understanding that TNL decided it would be a good idea to hop on his bike with a shemagh on his face and an AK in his hand, and went around the public parking lot/driving area of the property where Defcon is yelling "ALLAHU AKHBAR!" repeatedly, and there were also reports of him taking aim and shooting at vehicles near him. If any of this is untrue then I will correct my statement."

I have heard alot of renditions of what happened, mostly grossly exaggerated, so let me lay it out.
Me and Kingsix were sitting at one of the benches, bored, everybody else, including staff were on field, and I grabbed his broken AK, jumped on his bike and said "ARGH! Rise of the bicycle infantry!" and Able1 called mags out to me from the field, I apologised, removed the mag, and that was it... doesn't really sound so heinous to me., STUPID? you bet, would I do it again? no, but a safety hazard? not at all. I truly believe the broken telephone here is breaking my ass, because each time somebody new tell this story, it gets more and more twisted and exaggerated, if you want to know, ask kingsix or somebody else who was ACTUALLY THERE.

The comment I made against Brian M, I'd take back if I could, but let me explain my rationale: going by the description of events you posted, many of the claims are indeed false, so by this, I say that heresay cannot be used as means to produce a decision, even coming form Brian M, because any details HE received were second or third hand, because he was not there.

the rest I cannot refute, because, I concede, I act like a dumbass on the forums, and I am quite irritating, and the 1911, at the party? no excuse, that was just pure stupid, he kept asking me to show him and I finally caved...

but you say that I am immature, I can be mature when I need to be, Immature when I want to be, but I would never do anything that would endanger other people. what i did was by technical standpoint, unsafe, but in practicality? no

Words to live by
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The apartment I am in right now costs $100 a month.
My average spending on food per day is less than $4.
My airsoft spending in the last month and a half has totaled over $1400.
They're called priorities. Get yourself some.

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