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Originally Posted by m102404 View Post
A buddy of mine came back from a work stint in HK. Went on and on about "airsoft" and my other buddies got all hyped up about it. We talked it over and then dove into researching and "shopping". Got f*cked over by P.Khang on our second order.

Start up of $600 quickly became $1000, then $1500, then...I stopped counting.

We hit pretty much every game in the area (FR Old/New, Wasaga, Sgt Splatters, TTAC3, etc..) for pretty much a season and a half. Then we tapered off a bit.

I still remember the FR games when we were shooting up the Marine base with our stock TM's. We could see our targets...but our shots were falling short. Then came the return, zip, zip right past us, through brush. Right after that game we said, "that's it...we're upgrading". And then the real madness started.

It's been a wild ride since.

Footnote: Our wives formed a club called WOA...Widows Of Airsoft. They've been gaining ground on us lately with housing and paternal pressures...but the underground resistance is strong and growing.
Isn't that the truth, my fiancee will soon join the WOA........
I got into airsoft when I was like 9 in HK My cousin start shoting me with their shell loaded springer and I went at them with the "new" JAC the rest is history..............Move along to Canada in 86/89 I heard that there was a small airsoft player base in Toronto through a friend in St Andrew's college where I attended Junior school, when I looked into it I was introduced to this tall skinny white boy named Wayne(Poncho) along with few others we became friends, at the time we are talking like maybe 2 dozen players playing airsoft in the begining thats it, I think he was the only non Chinese players, we got along and we started playing at paintball city regularly along with some new converted paintball players especially at Wasagabeach paintball. Soon a few others like P. Kang, Randy, Greg started sprouting stores and the rest is history

Over the years we formed up teams like team STAT, SD UNIT, and the notorious HOTSHOT, then by 95/98 teams and airsoft are sprouting like crazy thanks to the creation of a small Canadian website by Tru and others, what it will evolved to ASC now. Thanks to ASC the majority of Canadian Xring, airsoftzone members came aboard so soon after there are no more games that required 2 months ahead to set up and countless nights on the phone to organize. Eventually we are here in present time even though teams have long disolved, we are still here alive and kicking but like tyson said our wives and other paternal duties kinda taking over our airsoft time.

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