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I have a fascination for guns, and the closest counterparts that I found are airsofts. Being in Canada, having a RS is complicated and no one near my familly want me to have one. A RS, you can't play with it in your house, let it disassembled a week on the kitchen table. You don't have to have a license and since my airsofts never quit my house, I can let them everywhere without having to buy a safety lock for them. And in Canada, you can' really play with an RS, you can't have rare full automatic guns etc. Not as fun as airsofts guns! This is why I love them. I'm actually writting a RS license form but even then, I rather spend my money upgrading my gun then paying for the cours that I have to follow. There is also the kick that complete metal guns with black metal lower are prohibited devices, and knowing that in my hand they are not dangerous for anyone, is a +, like an undergroung passion.

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