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Well once you age out or w/e you can join in playing but for now just plink in the basement.

In regards to practicing. Do it with the Daisy rifles. That way you know how it works and switching between different rifles shouldn't be a problem (ie. the difference between driving a Van and a Sedan, you have to get used to it). If you shot with Anschutz air rifles (ie. a sports car) for a few years it would probably feel weird to change over to a daisy rifle (ie. a cheaper rust bucket daily driver) so at least try to keep it in the same style so that you're more familiar with the type of rifle (ie. not much difference between a Toyota Corolla, and a Honda Civic but it's a huge jump when you've been driving mustangs all your life and were forced to drive something like an AE86).

The model you want is the "Daisy Avanti Legend EX" IIRC that's the closest to the one you'll use at competition.

As for playing underage, it's really at the field owners discretion, we have no say if the field owner were to let 6 year olds play (his insurance policy might but for all we care it's their business and we don't want to impose on their business). Anyways, contact a local club and maybe you can be an observer for a day and introduce yourself or they might even let you play with them if you ask nicely.

EDIT: Read you were from Ontario.... Not a good thing cause from what I know provincial bylaw states you have to be 18 to buy (elsewhere in Canada there is no such rule however most stores do set their own policy, but not many follow it).
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