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I was bored with paintball in 2000. I was playing it in the wood since the late 90's.

I was on paintballmontreal, discussing with a lot of morons about recball, when an airsoft section was created at the bottom. That got my attention.

I had bought a cheap HFC HK P8 sprigners a few years before and I had no idea that people where shooting each other with things like that. I had seen airsoft dealing websites, but I figured they where out of reach, far away things I would never own. And 450$ for an AEG was crazy money back then for something I could not use in a game.

Trough that forum, I attended my first games at Action Commando during a airsoft night. I rented from Gump an M16 and fired away. I was hooked. That was in 2002. I then rented for 2 more games, including one milsim then I had receaved my first AEG, TM G36c from Tru!

But back to the years 2k, at paintballmontreal, I read a lot about airsoft and ASC was mentionned as the place to read on the sport. I was clearly warned by Aper about how rude and fireprone the place was if you asked a stupid question or reposted crap. So I made an account and read for a good 2 weeks before posting my first question about the effectiveness of sniper rifles in airsoft. That was in 2003.

So all in all, I guess Aper is the one that linked me to ASC, Gump and Vondnik are the one that made this interest an infectious desease.

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