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Hello, and I need some help

Hello airsoft canada,

Hello to any one who reads this, I seem to have my self in a bit of a problem,
I have found out, I am underage, and not supposed to own an airsoft gun. I got an airsoft gun becase I wanted to get better at shooting, Im with the "air cadets" of canada, and we use pellet rifles, so I told my mom "could I get some sort of gun to practise with" and she said yes, so I was happy. So we went to wal-mart and picked up an M4A1 from Panther Arms, and I setup a small fireing range in my basement, and got out my dads saftey glasses. So I was wondering that was this thing that I had, so I decided to read the packageing it came in, and it said "airsoft gun" so I went and googled "Whats Airsoft?" along with "what are airsoft gun laws" because I didnt know if they were legal or not. So my search led me to here. So I was reading around on here and found out that airsoft is a sport, so I wanted to get into this sport, and got out my olive green combats that I use for cadets, and got some patches off ebay and a vest and the saftey gear, So then I came back here and was looking around on how to goto games, the rules etc, and found out you have to be 18+ or 16 depending on the feild owner, so then I was a bit sad, but I guess the rule is there for a good reason, or it wouldent be there at all. So currently im 15 going on 16 next year. My problem is, what do I do with my gun? Seeing as im underage, and not suppost to own it? should I lock it up? sell it? or keep target shooting in my basement? or wait until im 16/18? im sorta lost on what im suppost to do, and I dont want to get arrested, or give airsoft a bad name. any suggestions/comments would be nice thanks


P.S if it means any thing I live in ontario, and I feel bad now for being underage and owning one.
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