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I have had an affinity for guns of all shapes and sizes since I was a little boy, but when an australian co worker buddy of mine at showed me a picture of an airsoft Assault Rifle in 2006, I instantly fell in love, started hardcore chairsofting thanks to DoubleEdge Airsoft, Anderson Airsoft, Specarms ...

Then in the summer of 2008 Jackster officially introduced me to my first all out game at DOW's last game at Rawdon.
Been active in the montreal area and some ottawa games since...

As for ASC, Jakster told me go on and register, Testube got me AVd at my first game, and Illusion got my all my $$$$

I just got CAPS certified in T.O a few months of the first montrealers to do so....

I have met some really cool people in this community and continue to do so with each game, event or even private sale...

After all this I'm about 15 grand lighter...

Looking forward to 2010.

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