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The magical disappearing order ...

OK, if anyone is keeping score at home I just wanted to revise my somewhat positive review of Optics Planet. Since my original post they have firmly planted themselves right near the top of most frustrating online experiences (only second to Evike)

So, as mentioned before they have tons of stuff for sale... well, not really, you can order anything you want but be prepared to find out it is either discontinued, back ordered or can't be shipped to Canada.

Lets review shall we...

Ordered ESS Googles - a week later advised they cannot be shipped to Canada (not true) but told my other items are fine except the Tac gloves are backordered. OK, not in a huge rush and they have an MP5 scope mount I want... so i add that to the order and all is well. I am told it will all ship together in one happy package.

Next e-mail received another week later now tells me that they cannot locate the gloves and they are discontinued (but hey... you can still order them off their site... fill your boots!)

So now the goggles are cancelled, the gloves are cancelled so I figure I better confirm my bandoleer and scope mount are going to ship as I was told (twice). I send an e-mail and what do you know... they can't find either of them as my entire order has been cancelled. No call or e-mail explaining why. A hasty call is placed to customer service and when I finished with this rep he didn't know whether to shit or go sailing.

The upshot is.. the scope mount cannot be shipped to Canada and the Bandoleer is discontinued (ya.. whatever)

A colossal failure and waste of time. Thank you Optics Planet!

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