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Who got you into airsoft, Who put you onto ASC

Hi Guys,
Been here a while and new players are all over the board now. I get a fair share at the store via the Internet and walking PBer's that I convert and so on. Theres a lot of differnt stories of how we got int the game. Share yours and maybe we can find a better way to recruit new players on the Boards!

I got dragged into Airsoft by the SnowDragons. Zeon came by the store soon after I opened and started buying up a bunch of Army gear. I had met him before when I managed a POlice store but that was for Security Guard stuff.
He Invited me out to Splatters and I refused the first few Invites but then I tossed some goodies in a Duffle bag and showed up one Thursday night. I was Bowled fking Over by the guys there and the kit they were wearing. ZeonPrime passed me around like a KISS groupie and before longh I was Invited to Join SnowDragons. So I declined the first few offers but hell I was having too much fun so before long I was a SnowDragon. I used to lurk on ASC for a bit but spent most of my posts on the old Snow Dragon Board. But then the players on ASC caught wind of the Business I was in and they dragged me out into the Sun. Yes I used to play a lot and have many fond memories of Shooting and getting shot. Love the Drama, the fun and the players. Thanks guys

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