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Hey thanks for the info.

Actually, I have several versions of the G36, and you are of course correct. I didn't want to bog my idea down with those details at the start.

The main idea was just to be able to add the barrel extension with ease. The KWA stock gear box appears to be superior to that of the GEN III SRC versions. The build quality of the KWA is quite nice too. Also, I just figured that KWA's G36C is a great platform for a good basic AEG to make short run custom parts for.

You are absolutely correct though concerning the differences in optics, RIS, etc. I think the internals of the KWAs are superior though. But, I'm open to all ideas. Please keep them coming. And try to focus on whether or not there is a demand for another retailer in my area. I'm happy to explore this venture, but only if people want it.


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