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New Canadian Airsoft Retailer

Greetings to everyone.

I'm in the process of determining the feasibility of starting an airsoft dealership.

The central office would be on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

From my own guns, I'd have to say that I would strongly favor bringing in as much from KWA as possible. If possible, I'd also like to offer both G&G and SRC, as well as several of the rebranded high end items.

This dealership would be equiped with it's own CNC machine shop, and I'm considering having accessories such a silencers made here. I plan to offer both metal AND Delrin accessories. Delrin is a high density plastic which is remarkably durable. Having worked as a machinist, I have a good sense that I could provide these accessories at significantly cheaper prices.

Further to all of this, I've already done some experimentation with modifying my guns to make them quieter. More on this if interest warrents such.

I have substatial capital to try and keep items IN STOCK. I'm also a huge fan of FAST delivery. As I draft my business proposal these will be a few of the key elements.

My question for all of you here is:

Do you feel there is enough interest in what I am proposing to make such a venture worthy for me? You guys let me know how you feel about it. No comments will be taken negatively by me. I love airsoft, and I'd like to be a supplier. I want to carry mostly the high end items and accessories. I may well be able to have high end accessories designed and fabricated in house and offered at great prices.

How much would "ULTIMATE SNIPER RIFLE" (Well96) owners like to have a cool looking flash supressor specifically designed to cover that darn orange barrel tip? That orange tip is not required in Canada. I've already come up with a few simple but elegant compression fit flash supressors that really augment the look of the gun. Or how about barrel extensions? Say 3", 6", 9" etc, extensions that you can screw on to the neg 14 threads found on many guns? Turn a KWA G36C into an SRC K or E version just by adding some barrel length.

Please give me as much feedback as possible. If you guys show enough interest, there is a good chance I can make this happen.

Looking forward to your responses.

Most Sincerely,

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