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Originally Posted by Dart View Post
lol that was you? One comment about that thing is it kinda made me look for you more on the field. *Shot the jar jar guy... shot him again... oh thats another one* sooo it could have the opposite effect and turn into a target.

I am sure if CDN stalker saw someone in a wooky mask he would go after that person the whole game lol.
no i have not been to a game yet because im getting ready

the reason i want this mask is for
something to cover up face
it is part of the *look* iam going for
I can use it out side airsoft
always dreamed of one
if it can coverup a paintball mask
* being known as the kid with the mask ither dead more or not is all right im just trying to have fun*

If i get shot and killed because of said mask ill just laugh and try harder next time i don't mind not being the best on the field *not that good anyway* or laughed at or what ever. Im there for a good time and to be in company with the people who also enjoy airsoft
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