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My first gun was a KWC M9 springer I bought in 1997. Just bought as a showpiece. Had no idea there was a game of airsoft at the time. I had been an air gun collector in the past, and this looked MUCH better than any pellet gun I had till then. And waw

Jump ahead to fall 2007. I was still clueless about the existance of this sport. But I saw a Double Eagle AK47 at the local army surplus store. Had to have it. Then discovered the sport.

So at that point, I wanted to get involved. My first 3 guns (got them all within a couple of days of each other) were a TM M4A1, CA M15A4 rifle, and KJW M9.

The M4 was junk, TM or not. Didn't last a week before shit started breaking. Never saw a single game... Basically scrapped it and used a few of the parts to build another gun - a C8A3. The CA became my main gaming gun... Still is to this day. The KJW M9 also is still going strong and has been with me for many games....
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