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bolt snaps forward on spring sniper

i have a well mb03 spring sniper that i bought last year. it was working good, it shot straight, and was about 430 fps. as far as i could tell it was working perfectly.

one day last summer it was my friends birthday, and he rented out a paintball field for the day (it was only $200 i was surprised!) and about 20 people were there. we all fired off a couple of test shots. i was hitting the targets and my gun was working fine.

then we devided the teams with an even number off assult/sniper roles and picked a field to play on. i hit a couple people, my gun was working fine. then i pulled my bolt back, and it snapped forword like instantly, and didnt shoot.

i have no idea what happened. it was working fine and all of a sudden it totaly broke. i was hoping someone on here could help me figure out the problem, i simply dont know how to describe it any more than i pull it back, it stays, i put any pressure forward on the bolt and it snaps shut.

i want to fix this gun and sell it. and i really need some help
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