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Originally Posted by Bdot View Post
a systema magnum motor, i got the gearbox and motor together from ehobby if u wanna see it, also ur saying a 12v will break my gun? so i should use a 9.6? even with my magnum motor?
Yea I know exactly what it is.. I could probably assemble and disassemble it blindfolded. Now let me spout things you don't know about the product you've got.

The m170 box (should) come with "ultra torque" gears and a half-toothed piston. Because of the really torquey gears and the weaker spring that was installed, you may have something refereed to as "over-cycle" this is when the gears carry too much momentum and start the pistol-pull cycle after the point where it should stop.

Using a 12V battery would make your gun cycle so quickly that your sector gear would catch the middle of the piston and rip the teeth off before it has a chance to return to rest. I wouldn't even use a 9.6V, with the ultra torques and the weaker spring you may still get over cycle on a 9.6

Use an 8.4 large battery... or a 9.6 mini. Watch out for your trigger contacts, those systema boxes like to char, pit and burn.

See.. I tried to give you the easier answer.
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