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I've had my fair share of dealing with CP lateness, no pickup notice laziness, and seemingly large collection of incompetent employees.
Also I don't get the point of the order tracking status update system if nothing is updated until hours and hours (sometimes a whole day) after some status change.

Some of their general disregard for professionalism is also pretty amazing. I once brought a package of fragile items to the office. I asked the guy to stick on a couple of Fragile labels. After slapping on all those labels (the Fragile label being the last one), the stupid fucktard proceeded to drop the whole box from waist height onto the floor behind the counter and kicked it towards the corner. Did he think he was putting on Hello Kitty stickers?! It's marked for fragile! The moron probably thought I could not see behind the counter.
I was furious and demanded he hand me the box and reopened it to inspect the contents for damage. The stupid asshole was lucky everything was fine. And I was lucky that I put enough padding in there.

Yeah seriously...CP sucks ass. Though I must admit it's been a while since the last less than satisfactory service.
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